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Artistic Process

A self taught artist, my approach to artwork is unconventional. My paintings are informed by a lifelong exploration and love of fluid dynamics, from the swirl of ink in water to the movement of cream in a cup of coffee. This aesthetic is recreated through a complex layering of paint, and captured at micro levels by means of digital photography.

Patterns emerge continuously from within the flowing paint. Through years of trial and error I have developed techniques to manipulate the chaotic systems at play, learning the importance of colour theory, paint temperature, humidity, and viscosity. Each year new techniques open this artistic process further, deepening my relationship with this unique medium and creating the excitement and awe that I feel each and every time I paint.

Discovering other artists whose work is a mixture of traditional art and what I’ve come to term ‘process-based’ techniques has been a revealing process for me. Oddly these works seem to reinforce a reverence for nature, a sense of wonder at the beauty of physics and chemistry manipulated at the hands of a master, whether conscious of this aspect of their process or not. Pieces by Jackson Pollock and Darren Waterston particularly take my breath away and provide a source of inspiration as I work to make art my career. Whether that becomes the case or not, I look forward to the path ahead.